Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kyle and Yasine's Wedding

She laughs a lot and gives the cutest smiles and funny faces. She is nothing if not stunning in her gorgeous wedding dress. She is small and petite but she knows how to love big and to make everyone around her comfortable and at ease.

As Yasine prepared to walk down the aisle the bridesmaids and her mother were all around her helping to adorn her with jewelry and a beautiful veil. She took each moment in and was smiling the entire time.

Yasine and Kyle spent their wedding day with sweet kisses and fun toasts and speeches. They enjoyed each friend and family member who came to welcome the joining of two hearts. Theirs is a true love story.

Yasine and Kyle, thank you for allowing Ashley and I to be a part of your wedding day! It was amazing! I'm sure your life will continue with exotic travel and much laughter and love. We wish you all the best in life.

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Ruby said...

LOVE this post Carrie! Your description of the bride is beautiful.
Gorgeous pictures, no doubt!