Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hey everyone! I will be running a special for those who donate to MDA Friday and Saturday! I'm trying soooo hard to reach my goal and I'm very close! So for Friday August 22nd and Saturday August 23rd, I will be offering DOUBLE YOUR DOLLARS for MDA. For donations up to $50.00 Photography by Carrie will be giving you studio credit. For a $50.00 donation, you would receive $100.00 in studio credit. This credit must be used all at once at your next session. The maximum amount doubled will be $50.00 (one donation per family for this one). So let's reach my goal of $2008 and help out those affected by MDA. Thanks sooo much to those amazing people who have already donated. They are; Amy Blattel, April Cecil, Danielle Alspaugh, Angie Logel, Lenell Hahn, Michelle Williams, April McClintock, Sarah Bohl, MOM, Brandy Quade, Julia Davis and Ameren UE! Many thanks to all of you for your great generosity! Let's keep giving and hoping for a cure!

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