Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a beautiful wedding

Well, its been a few months since I've done a wedding and its that time of year again. And what a time to begin the wedding season with. Abigail and Eric's wedding was one in a million. This couple did things right and you could just see the whole day how in love they were. Made me feel young again, if that's possible. The wedding took place in St. Louis so we got to travel to some very fun locations including Forest Park and the Arch! They are going to have a zillion beautiful romantic photos to choose from. So here's a small sampling of just a few that I have looked through. Abigail and Eric, I wish you all the best in this lifetime and may you always treasure each other the way you do right now at this moment.


Renee Giugliano said...

These are awesome!

Alissa said...

That last image is just gorgeous! I love the way they are just so into eachother!

Ruby said...

carrie these are beautiful darling.

i love the bridge and the silhouette ones especially.

Holly said...

Carrie, you did a great job on Abby's wedding!!! Thanks for making the day so fun!!!