Friday, May 25, 2007

I got a blog!

Welcome to the blog for Photography by Carrie! This is where I will get to share recent photoshoots and fun stuff without having to update the site all the time! Join us each day and see what's new!

First person to send me an email to tell me that they saw the blog will win a free 8x10! Let the fun begin!



Brock and Danielle Alspaugh said...

Hey Carrie,

Great idea! I love seeing the recent photos!

Danielle Alspaugh

Lori said...

Hey Cousin, I really love your blog! I love looking at all your pictures and seeing what you are up to! I am so happy for you, congratulations on your new studio! Your wedding pictures totally make me want to get married! Hopefully some day!
Love you all, and hope to see you soon!